The Basics of Stores and Stock Control Level

Level 3

This is an entry-level course for those wishing to make a career in one of the many disciplines of warehousing and distribution management.

Who would benefit from attending this course? This course is targeted at all stores personnel, including the storeman and all first-line supervisors.

Basics of Manufacturing and Operation Management Level

Level 3

This course introduces the basics of manufacturing and operations management
at an introductory level. It aims to provide a basic insight into production and inventory management systems and provide assistance in the development of interdepartmental understanding and communication.

This course is designed for individuals from all functions in an organisation at an introductory level.

The Principles of Production & Inventory Management Level

Level 4

Covers the tools and techniques employed at each and every stage
in the end to end supply chain. Beyond this detail, it provides a big
picture understanding of the Supply Chain and empowers people to make
confident and sound decisions.

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