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Velile Supply Chain Projects & Consulting optimizes your Supply Chain Network by advising you on where to source, what to store, where to distribute, how to distribute in order to reduce costs and improve service. Our team of supply chain experts has tackled the toughest supply chain strategy challenges and produced significant value for our clients.

Our Services

Supply Chain Management is the strategic coordination of business functions within a company with the aim of achieving the most efficient movement and storage of goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

Advisory Services

Deployment of On-Site Consultants in the following areas:
1. Tendering on behalf of clients.
2. Operational Excellence in Production Management, Warehousing, Transportation, Distribution and Customer Service.

Supply Chain Strategy

We assist clients to determine the optimum infrastructure for their Supply Chains. Our consultants have developed our own mixed integer infrastructure model to evaluate a range of possible operational solutions quickly and cost effectively.

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