A learnership is a learning programme which combines both classroom-based learning at a training centre or college and on-the-job training in a workplace, providing both theoretical and practical expertise. We offer several learnerships in fields across the entire Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Consulting

Velile Supply Chain Projects and Consulting works with clients to deliver innovative supply chain strategies and solutions that enable profitable growth. Our team of supply chain experts has tackled the toughest supply chain strategy challenges and produced significant value for our clients, leading to an increased bottom-line and operational efficiency. 

Corporate Training

We focus on training global corporate Supply Chain Professionals. For our clients, we create a world-class learning environment that will allow each individual within the team to develop the skills that are required for their specific roles. Our training includes Internationally Recognised Programs such as CIPS, SAPICS, APICS and all Supply Chain Modules accredited by Local SETAs.

Warehouse Security

With the daily turnover of products and people going into Supply Chain facilities, we provide Warehouse Security to keep track of goods movement and to ensure minimum pilferage. We cover specific base points and ensure that all areas are effectively monitored. We use highly trained and professional security officers who are registered by PSIRA.

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